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  • Φιλολάου 7, Γέρακας 153 44, Ελλάδα

  • Γεωγραφική περιοχή: Αττική - Ανατολικά Προάστια
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Our Story

Byron College was established in 1986 by a group of idealistic parents and teachers who believe that there was a need for a school in Athens that would provide a British Education that was egalitarian and inclusive and would pursue academic excellence whilst maintaining the highest standards of self-discipline, behaviour and community participation.

The pupil body is now close to 250 and is divided fairly equally between Primary and Secondary pupils. These pupils come from over 40 different national backgrounds but about half of our children are permanent resident of Greece.

The language of instruction is English and pupils follow progamme of study that is essentially based on the UK National Curriculum. Given the nature of our pupil body we have a strong EAL section, attention is paid to the needs of our Greek parents, a range of modern languages is offered and the History and Geography syllabuses are designed to reflect the international character of our pupils and the obligation to produce citizens with an awareness of global challenges that our society faces.

Byron College is one School on one site and all children share the same day and the same school holidays. The school accepts children from the age of 3 and many stay with us until they leave to study at university, aged 18.

During their time with us pupils from Nursery to Year 9 will follow a broad based curriculum that is based on the UK Key Stage modal and in Year 10 will begin a 2-year cycle of study leading to the sitting of IGCSE exams in Year 11. Our Sixth Formers (Years 12 and 13) are prepared for university and college entrance through the dedicated teaching of AS and A-Level GCE subjects.

Part of the school’s unique character is that children across a range of ages can mix safely together; can be involved in joint activity and our senior pupils can develop a sense of responsibility toward the young alongside their obligation to be community leaders and positive, healthy role models.

Formal qualifications are obtained at the school via the following examination bodies:

1. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Years 10 and 11)
2. AS and A-Level General Certificate of Education Exams (Years 12 and 13)

These qualifications are awarded by:

• EdExcel London Examinations Board
• University of Cambridge International Examinations Board

In addition, Byron pupils can also enter for the exams conducted by ECDL (European Computer License) and by the Greek Ministry, Ellinomathia.

Our Vision

Byron College is the leading school in Athens founded on the British tradition of academic excellence whilst embracing a global perspective. As we grow we will continue to welcome pupils from a diverse and enriching range of cultures and backgrounds.

We are consistent in our efforts to discover the talents inherent in every child, to inspire creativity and to encourage individuality.

Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to building confidence in our pupils by celebrating their many accomplishments and helping them to maximize their potential. Byron pupils – past and present – are a living testimony to our successes; individuals who benefit their community, society and the world of tomorrow.

We are a vibrant element of the community; our pupils act as ambassadors upholding and promoting our altruistic philosophy and environmental commitment, while striving to build bridges among cultures.

In the spirit of Lord Byron, Byron College is quixotic, egalitarian, boundary challenging and adventurous.


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